Non-prescriptive test minors of good standing might use to determine the ability of adults to distinguish fact from fiction

(suggested pass threshold: 2 correct)

  1. Is or was spike milligan:
    1. a medieval Irish weapon?
    2. a comedian?
    3. an 80s hairstyle?
    4. an American army general?
    5. a spicy soup?
  1. Is star trek:
    1. a walk along Hollywood Boulevard?
    2. a hike up Mt. Teide to the Observatory?
    3. a children’s movie for adults?
  1. Is star wars:
    1. another name for the Oscars?
    2. post-divorce Twitter exchanges between a well-known film actors?
    3. a children’s movie for adults?
  1. Is soccer:
    1. a gentlemen’s game played by hooligans?
    2. a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen?
    3. a gentlemen’s game watched by hooligans?
    4. a gentleman’s game owned by hooligans?
    5. a fashion show?
  1. Is the olympics:
    1. a sports event for amateurs?
    2. a sports event for professionals?
    3. a recreational drug festival?
    4. a political demonstration?
  1. Are lollypops:
    1. signs used by kind ladies helping school children cross the road?
    2. sugar-rich snacks?
    3. people born between 1995 and 2002?
    4. grandfathers who have had too much to drink?
  1. The corresponding author of a paper you recently submitted just sent the following emoji to the phones of all co-authors:
    Does it mean your paper has been:

    1. accepted?
    2. rejected because they have just accepted a paper with similar but less rigorously supported conclusions from your competitors?
    3. returned for minor revisions?
    4. rejected but a new version allowed that must contain new data that will take a year to collect?
    5. returned because the language is judged to be unacceptable?
  1. Is Monty Python:
    1. a programming language?
    2. a friendly snake found in Sri Lanka?
    3. a group of male strippers?
    4. a TV comedy produced before the age of political correctness?
    5. a WWII general?